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Beijing ZhongDaHuaYuan Certification Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZDHY) is affiliated with State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). ZDHY is a third-party certification body with an independent legal status which is authorized by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People"s Republic of China (CNCA) (approval number: CNCA-R-2002-020) and accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). ZDHY can issue certification certificates bearing IAF MLA mark, CNAS accreditation symbol and ANAB accreditation symbol.

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Certification Scopes

ISO 9001
With over 10,000 organizations’ quality managementsystems being certified by us in the past two decades, ZDHY has achieved richexperiences in QMS certification. As one of mainstream certification bodies inChina, ZDHY enjoys high reputation. ZDHY can issue
ISO 14001
ZDHY hasprovided the EMS certification services to more than 6,000 organizations sinceit was accredited by CNAS in 2001. ZDHY has achieved rich experiences in EMS certification. As one ofmainstream certification bodies in China, ZDHY enjoys high reputatio
GB/T 28001
ZDHY has providedthe OHSMS certification services to more than 4,000 organizations since it wasaccredited by CNAS in 2003. ZDHYhas achieved rich experiences in OHSMS certification. As one of mainstream certificationbodies in China, ZDHY enjoys high reputa
ISO 22000
ZDHY makesremarkable contributions to the certification development in the Chinese foodindustry. As one of the first pilot certification bodies for HACCP, ZDHY becamethe No.1 certification body authorized to engage in the food safety managementcertificati
GB/T 50430
The QMScertification for engineering construction is carried out in accordance with “QualityManagement Systems---Requirements” and “Code for Quality Management ofEngineering Construction Enterprises” (GB/T 50430-2007). The auditors who failin the natio…
On 9th November, 2009, ZDHY was authorized by CNCA and became one of the firstcertification bodies that can engage in GMP and HACCP.Theapplied standards are:GB12693-2010 National food safety good manufacturing practice for milk productsGB23790-2010 Nation
On 9th November, 2009, ZDHY was authorized by CNCA and became one of the firstcertification bodies that can engage in GMP and HACCP. The applied standardsare:GB12693-2010 National food safety good manufacturing practice for milk productsGB 23790-2010Natio
GB/T 23331
ZDHY has beenengaging in the construction of national energy management system in allrespects ever since China proposed to carry out the energy management systemcertification. ZDHY has made contributions to improving the energy managementby enterprises us
GB/T 19220/19221
As one of the onlythree certification bodies that are eligible to perform green marketcertification in China, ZDHY has provided green market certification toapproximately 100 large-scale agricultural and sideline product wholesalemarkets and retail market
GB/T 19630
CNCA has pushedahead with the national organic product certification on a continuous basis.ZDHY responds CNCA’s requests actively and has carried out the organic productcertification since 2017. ZDHY is one of a handful of certification bodies thatcan eng
ISO 27001
With the on-goingdevelopment of informatization level around the world, all kinds of certificationbodies, organizations and individuals are seeking for how to guarantee theinformation security. Many developed countries formulate their own standardsabout i
ISO 20000
Informationtechnology service management system aims to establish, implement, operate,monitor, review, maintain and improve the models of IT service management system,with a commitment to managing the issues about IT through “standardization ofIT service”
GB/T 19001
Construction ofgrass-roots organizations of the communist party of China (CPC) plays animportant part in the socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is a must toput the construction of grass-roots organizations of CPC in a prominentposition all the tim
Product Certification
Tomeet customers’ demands, ZDHY provides the voluntary product certification infurniture, textile, costume and leather products.Advantagesof obtaining product certificationŸ Thecertified products represent the safety and quality meeting the requirement…